While Inspire Tomorrow is a place of creativity for new ways of thinking, feeling and acting, the INSTITUTE FOR MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE is my home for all consulting projects. This is where my know-how for change processes, my empathy and a high level of intuition come together precisely with the important factors such as structure, process and digitization, which cause the true high efficiency of all projects.

Change Consulting

In change consulting, modern approaches are particularly important nowadays. The previous experience and willingness of people to deal with change has changed significantly. It is all the more important that successful and sustainable further development is only possible if there is a congruence of head, heart and hand. This is a mix of communication, new German engagement and the provision of everything necessary for joint and pragmatic implementation. And to all those responsible for change: this is much less than you might think and the real guarantee of success is not difficult to find. In the Change Masterclass, you will find out which myths of change you can wipe clean straight away. You can find out MORE about our change consulting approach here …

Change Coaching

Doesn’t coaching always mean change? Yes that’s true. The only question is what do we want to change? In change coaching with us, you will work on your psychological know-how about yourself and others, your own leadership expertise and how you can support yourself and others in all change processes. More about this here….

Change Masterclass

The masterclass is aimed at everyone involved in the change process in the company. If I have learned one thing in recent years, it is that, statistically, change processes obviously come to a standstill the less those responsible in the company have knowledge of change processes. Eliminating myths is the first step over and over again. To shorten this part, you will find attached the top 10 myths of change processes.