There are always professional and private challenges for which we are looking for solutions. Corona has intensified this effect and will accompany us in the long term as well as the highly disruptive developments since February 24 in 2022. We are in the midst of a social, societal and entrepreneurial change that we either surrender to and let drive us, or we actively shape it. What are the solutions today and tomorrow to the burning questions of our time?

Regardless of the situation on the outside, a comfortable balance and radiating contentment as well as a fulfilled and successful life for each one of us can only be achieved with a regular introspection. What issues and dynamics do we have deep inside that accompany us again and again? Which at best strengthen us, but become most salient when they get in our way and prevent us from realizing our full potential.

Exactly the answers to these questions, the shaping of the world around us and the loving and best possible way of dealing with ourselves, the constant learning about ourselves and the lightness that comes with it is what I offer in my coaching.

Currently, I offer a special 1-year program for those who wish to have regular guidance: In ten dates per year we meet online for 75 minutes each. This is exactly the right time to dedicate ourselves to your current burning issues, to celebrate the successes since the last session and to leave you empowered with new insights and solutions. With ease. And with a smile.

Inspiration Retreat (Austria, postponed)

This Retreat will be held with German-speakers.

Change Retreat (2,5 days, September 29th-October 1st 2022)

This Retreat will be held with German-speakers.

The Change Retreat addresses all involved persons and teams responsible for change processes in the company and is included in an entire seminar series in which comprehensive know-how about the emotional components in change processes comes together with a clever, strategic approach and the corresponding excellence know-how in the INSTITUTE FOR MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE. You could also say empathy and high intuition meet the exactly equally important factors of structure, process and digitalization.

The seminar series addresses all the really important topics, efficient content and state-of-the-art approaches for meaningful and sustainable change management.

  1. The 10 myths of change projects and the best way to deal with them
  2. Instruments, planning & control of change management
  3. Change Retreat (high up in the mountains of Austria: Attitude, (self-)dynamics and their impact during change
  4. Leadership and execution of change assignments
  5. Performance alignment and evaluation of newly formed teams
  6. Sustainable anchoring of change processes and learning organziation